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Redskins in pursuit of Briggs?

Mar 1, 2008, 10:54 PM EDT

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Almost as soon as I uploaded my last post about the Redskins becoming smart in free agency, a report on ESPN stated that Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs will be going to Redskins Park for a free agency visit.

According to multiple reports prior to the onset of free agency, Briggs and agent Drew Rosenhaus are seeking a contract with $20 million in guaranteed money.

Now, before getting all up in arms about how the Redskins’ new-found intelligence apparently lasted less than 48 hours, consider this:

A visit does not mean a signing.

In fact, the visit could be occurring even if the Redskins have no intention of signing Briggs, at least not for his asking price.

Interest among Briggs, who was supposed to be one of the hot commodities on the market, has been lukewarm at best. He has yet to make a visit with a team as far as we know. Perhaps Dan Snyder owes Rosenhaus a favor (the two have an excellent working relationship) or Rosenhaus will owe Snyder one.

The Redskins could be bringing in Briggs to try to stir up some interest and even to get an offer on the table to start to establish some market value for the three-time Pro Bowl linebacker.

And maybe that offer doesn’t have to be through the roof in order to have a realistic chance of a deal being made. The Bears reportedly have an offer on the table that has $13 million in guaranteed money. It’s possible that an offer in the range of $15 million would have a chance of landing Briggs. That would be a very reasonable price for a Pro Bowl linebacker who won’t turn 28 until late in the coming season.

Bargains aren’t necessarily cheap. Archives

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