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Is Williams the One?

Jan 13, 2008, 12:44 AM EDT

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Contrary to the early “conventional wisdom”, some of which was expressed here, it appear that Gregg Williams is not just the front runner for the job, he’s the slam-dunk favorite.

According to multiple reports, Williams had his sit-down with Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato on Saturday and that the session was a mere formality. There will be other interviews—at least one minority candidate has to get an audience—but all indications are Williams will get the gig.

It’s not really surprising or anything, but the lack of any sign of encouragement at Gibbs’ retirement presser and any leaks to the press that Williams could rest easy in the next couple of days had me puzzled. Perhaps Snyder and company just wanted to make sure that their process was above reproach and they couldn’t be accuse of hauling in a token minority just to satisfy the rules.

Of course, nothing is done until it’s done. But it seems like this is as done as it can be without being done, if you know what I mean.

If that’s the case, that will be far from the end of the coaching news coming out of Ashburn. Will Al Saunders stay on to run the offense? Will any of Gibbs’ fellow “Space Cowboys“, Bugel, Breaux, and Simmons, stay on? Will Williams want to trim the number of assistant coaches, preferring a smaller, tighter group to a Who, if anyone, will be the defensive coordinator?

There is almost no chance that the answer to the last question will be Jim Schwartz. There has been some speculation that the extensive interview that Snyder had with him earlier this week was for Williams’ current job after GW was promoted. The problem is that in order for Schwartz to be able to make such a move without compensation he would have to get a real promotion, not just a fluffed-up title and a bigger paycheck. He currently is the defensive coordinator under a defensively-minded head coach in Jeff Fisher. He would be the same thing under Williams. The Redskins might be able to pull it off if Saunders was the one moving up to head coach, but not with Williams in charge. Archives

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