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Cowboys—After Further Review

Jan 1, 2008, 1:03 AM EDT

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Not much time to go into too much tonight. I’m getting ready to go on the second, Southern leg of my three games in five days football odyssey, hitting the road for Jacksonville at 3 AM. Instead of the usual review of the game blog, just a few points:

  • Nobody should pinch Todd Collins—He’s living a dream right now. It’s as though he’s spent all of these years imagining what it would be like to step in and post a QB rating of over 100 while leading his team to four straight wins to get into the playoffs and it was exactly like he had imagined it. He’s making sure that he keeps going steady because he doesn’t want to wake up.
  • You’ll never see a better pass—Collins’ fourth-quarter strike to Moss to clinch the game was absolutely perfect. Moss didn’t have to think about breaking stride or adjusting. For that matter, Santana barely had to move his hands. You can’t throw that pass any better.
  • Words don’t do Gibbs justice—The clichés about the job that Joe Gibbs has done keep pouring out. I can’t really blame the beat writers and columnists going on about the steady determination, the unshakable faith, the willingness to deflect credit and absorb blame, and the leadership by example that the Hall of Fame coach has displayed over the past four weeks. His coaching performance defies description. If you’ve check out this space with any regularity you probably know that I have a ton of faith in Gibbs and even I truly wondered if he could pull this off after seeing him so down and shaken after the Buffalo game.
  • Portis turned down a chance to do a Randy Moss—Mike Wise of the Post asked Clinton Portis if he felt that his performance over the past several weeks has vindicated him after many were saying that he was washed up earlier this season. On Saturday, when Randy Moss was asked about setting the touchdown receptions record, he took the opportunity to lash out at his critics, saying that breaking the record itself wasn’t special but that “shutting you guys up (the media) was what really made it special.” Portis, on the other hand, declined a chance to take any shots. He said that people are going to write what they’re going to write and that his true vindication would come when he’s wearing a Super Bowl ring.
  • It would be a shame if the Redskins had to part ways with Shawn Springs—The guy is playing lights out at cornerback and he’s been solid all year. He has a cap number of $7.5 million next year and $5 million of that is salary. He’ll be 33 in March and that’s an awful lot of cash for a corner that old. It will be up to him if he wants to redo his deal and stay or get cut and go elsewhere.
  • I expect the Redskins to beat Seattle—This is a better Redskin team than the one that went to Seattle for the playoffs two years ago, particularly at the quarterback position, and the Seahawks aren’t playing as well as they were then. The Redskins had several early chances to score in that game and put the pressure on big time, but they let the Seahawks and the crowd hang around and eventually the ‘Hawks won. That clearly was a case of the better team winning; the better team will win on Saturday, too. Archives

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