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Report—Gibbs Offered Extension

Dec 23, 2007, 3:23 PM EDT

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I’m going to be posting from time to time today, an extended pregame blog, keeping an eye on the two games that have the greatest effect on the Redskins today, the Giants at Buffalo and Philly at New Orleans.

There has been some breaking news this morning, although hardly anything surprising or stunning. Chris Mortensen is reporting that Dan Snyder has offered Joe Gibbs a two-year contract extension. Since his current deal runs through next year, that would mean that he would be signed up through 2010.

Again, this is nothing surprising. The fact of the matter is that Gibbs will coach the Redskins as long as he wants to.

I’ve expressed some concern about Gibbs’ coaching style here, the fact that he almost seemed to be coaching scared at times. But it’s also clear that Gibbs deserved to leave on his own terms.

Since his return, his teams have been pretty good in September and December. If he can just get October and November figured out, this team could make some noise. Archives

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