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Strahan retires

Dec 17, 2007, 1:32 AM EDT

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I just posted the following to the blog archives the other day. The article was written immediately after the Redskins beat the Giants in Week 15. Obviously, that was before the Giants’ improbable run to the Super Bowl title. Still, it didn’t change my mind about the guy:

On the other hand, I used to like Michael Strahan and now I view him as an overpaid, whiny, preening ass. His training camp holdout was ridiculous. Everyone expected that he would be in Todd Collins’ face all night long as he was going up against Stephon Heyer, the undrafted rookie free agent right tackle. Instead, it was Heyer in Strahan’s mug all night. To be sure, Heyer had plenty of help from Lorenzo (Two-Way) Alexander, Mike Sellers, and others.

Perhaps if Strahan had been in camp in August he would still have his legs under him to the point where he might be able to lay a hand on an immobile QB making his first start in 10 years. Archives

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