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Dec 17, 2007, 5:15 AM EDT

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I didn’t get a chance to fit this in but I was going to mention that after disliking Jeremy Shockey for years, I now respect him a great deal. He has grown up and has managed to channel his energy away from being obnoxious to being a hustling, aggressive player who, like most of his brethren from The U, is all about the W’s and not about the stats.

Shockey also has played with some injuries that would have even some other players crying for Mama. But he sustained one tonight that he won’t be able to play through. It looked just like what happened to Jon Jansen happened to him with a player, I think it was Toomer, his own teammate, rolling over the back of his leg. He’s out for the year with a broken leg and ankle ligament damage. It’s a shame and I truly wish him well in his recovery. Archives

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