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Redskins-Giants Third Quarter

Dec 17, 2007, 12:08 AM EDT

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Portis has 16 carries for 88 yards after a slow start. If he hits near those same numbers in the second half and the Redskins continue to play with what I’ll call intelligent aggression, the Skins will win. Oh, and the D needs to adjust to NY’s halftime adjustments.

I neglected to mention that Betts did a great job of finishing that TD run, ploughing through contact from about the five on in.

Skins get the second half kickoff.

14:56—This may be the Redskins’ day. A flag flies on the kickoff return and it’s a personal foul against the Giants. Skins’ ball in NY territory at the 46.

14:07—Cooley’s first catch of the night converts a second and 12 into a first down.

13:22—Sellers with his patented hurdle move turns a short flip into a nice gain.

Portis 5 run (pass failed)
Redskins 22, Giants 3

Not sure about going for two there, especially since it failed. It’s up to the Redskins D to make sure that it doesn’t make any difference.

The Redskins started out their second half the first time they played the Giants with three three and outs and then a turnover. A much better start, to say the least.

11:50—An out of bounds kickoff and a 19-yard Jacobs run have NY in Washington territory. Can’t let the Giants answer right back.

10:07—A big, big sack gets the Giants out of Redskins territory. Loss of 14 with the sack split by Carter and K. Campbell.

7:01—Skins go back to conservative mode after getting the ball deep in their territory. Three Betts runs and out and the Giants have the ball in Washington territory. If the D gets a stop here, it’s going to be close to being over. If the Giants score, it’s game on until the end.

6:49—Burress might be better served to worry more about catching the ball and less about perceived penalties on Smoot.

Boss 19 pass from Manning (Tines kick)
Redskins 22, Giants 10

So, it’s game on. Manning got time to throw that series and he took advantage of it. He caught fire in the late going two weeks ago against the Bears to pull one out for New York.

4:32—Decent field position near the 30, time for some intelligent aggression.

3:30—A big third down and six here. The Skins need to keep this drive alive.

2:46—Collins nearly gets sacked despite a great block by Portis. Skins punt and NY gets the ball just inside their 20.

1:47—Thank you, Amani Toomer. He smoked Springs and then flat-out dropped a pass in Washington territory.

End of third quarter
Redskins 22, Giants 10 Archives

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