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Redskins-Giants Pregame

Dec 17, 2007, 12:57 AM EDT

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–It’s very difficult to watch a Dallas Cowboys game knowing that a Dallas win benefits the Redskins. I really can’t root for the Cowboys, just can’t do it. I just look at it as a win-win situation; if Dallas loses, it’s a good day and if they help the Redskins by winning it’s also a good day.–I tried a few times this week to draw some sort of a valid Todd Collins-Jeff Garcia comparison, but it really doesn’t hold much water. Yes, they both came off of the scrap heap late in the season with their respective teams essentially needing to win every game to make the playoffs. The big difference is that Garcia actually accomplished something as a QB—a few playoff wins, for example—prior to having been scrapped. Collins has done nothing but become an expert in Al Saunders’ offense. That’s not to say that Collins can’t do what Garcia did last year and help the Skins run the table, but there was a much better chance of Garcia doing it going in last year than there is of Collins pulling it off this season.

–Dallas lost which, as I said earlier, is OK with me. If—and it’s a big if—the Redskins’ chances of making the playoffs comes down to the last game, I’d rather it mean something to the Cowboys. After last week’s near-miss against the Lions and today’s dud against Philly, they’re running into choppy waters for the first time of the year and at the worst time of the year. Not only that, the Redskins went toe to toe with them in Dallas last month. Bring ’em on.

–It doesn’t look like there’s any snow in the Meadowlands (By the way, is there a less-apt name for a stadium anywhere? Giants Stadium is surrounded by the NJ Turnpike and tank farms.) But the wind should be a factor, steady at 20+ MPH with the usual gusts.

–James Thrash is active for the first time since the Philly game. He was going wild that day, hauling in a few Jason Campbell passes for good yardage, until the ankle sprain sidelined him. Archives

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