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Redskins-Giants Fourth Quarter

Dec 17, 2007, 1:53 AM EDT

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Giants just past the 50 as the fourth quarter begins.

14:51—Manning is still enjoying too much time to throw. Skins aren’t getting enough pressure from the front four and the secondary isn’t getting good enough coverage.

13:21—Nice play by Smoot, knocking a TD away from Burress. Third and 10 at the 21.

13:15—Not sure what Manning was trying to do there, but thanks, Eli.

13:10—Tynes (I think I’ve misspelled his name earlier once or twice) goes wide left on a 38-yard try. I still think the Skins will need another score, but a 12-point lead looks pretty nice right now.

12:20—Portis is on a roll, a couple of runs get a key drive off to a good start with about 13 yards and a first down.

10:50—Not quite for Betts on a screen on third and nine as he comes up a yard short. Redskins will punt.

9:17—Thanks to the wind on that pass intended for S. Moss. That would have been a big one.

8:03—Man, that clock sure is moving slowly. Third and one, look for the deep pass.

7:59—No, a short one to Burress, knocked away. Fourth and one, ballgame here if the Skins stop them.

7:53—Quick pass to S. Moss gets the first down and then some.

7:20—Jacobs with his third drop. They’ve been getting good yardage on first down, let’s see if a second and ten helps the pass pressure.

7:00-A great catch by Smith sets up another fourth and short.

6:30—And Jacobs gets it.

6:06—Jacobs again drops one. Skins need to come down with one of those.

5:27—Another fourth down, this one with five to go.

5:22—Skins knock down a low pass and take over on downs. Not sure exactly what happened or exactly what Eli was thinking there. A couple of first downs ice the game. The question is, do Gibbs and Saunders let Collins take to the air if necessary?

5:17—Betts in for Portis on first down. Considering how well CP has been toting it, I find that curious. It looked like Betts was heading for the sideline after the play. Second down is the down to pass in this situation.

5:10—Portis for four. A big third and six coming up here. I’m not sure what the call will be, which is a good thing. A few weeks ago, I knew it would be a run.

5:05—Portis for nothing. The Giants had to burn their last timeout. Again, a few weeks ago, I felt pretty good when the Bills burned their last TO. Of course, that was a one FG game and this is a two-TD game.

3:33—NY is moving, but they are burning a lot of time in doing so.

3:20—Fourth and 10. Blitz time.

3:14—No blitz, but incomplete and the Skins can just about put a bow on it. One first down will seal it and even if they don’t get one the Giants won’t have much time to get two scores.

2:00—Third and one. Another interesting playoff possibility opens up for the Skins now. They don’t necessarily need NO to lose a game to get in. If the Skins win out and the Giants lose out vs. Buffalo and New England, the Redskins are in regardless.

1:54—Ironic, isn’t it? Betts was in at the end in September against the Giants and he couldn’t score. Today, he gets three carries and the Skins go into victory formation.

Final score
Redskins 22, Giants 10

The next couple of Sundays are going to be very, very interesting. As I said in the pregame, I would love it if the Skins got into the playoffs by knocking the Cowboys out of the top seed. Archives

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