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Redskins-Giants First Quarter

Dec 16, 2007, 10:12 PM EDT

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14:49—Nearly a big pick on the first play of the game as Smooth and Landry both had a shot.

14:09—The Redskins are doing a lot of blitzing, trying to rattle Manning. So far, it’s working.

14:00—Smoot makes a nice play on the receiver on a pass that was held up by some wind. He disturbed Burress enough to jar the ball loose and the Giants punt.

12:16—Bad kick, great roll for Frost on his first punt. A holding call is going to give the Giants the ball in Redskins territory.

12:10—McIntosh is down with an injury. He’s sitting up and it doesn’t appear to be that bad, but the way this season is going for the Skins on the injury front anything is possible.

11:49—As usual with a bigger back like Jacobs, the key is to get him moving sideways. On that first 17-yard run he hit the hole quickly and broke into the clear. On his next two runs he started East-West and he gained nothing.

10:29—It looks like the Giants gambled and lost on fourth down. They did, Droughns came up about six inches short on fourth and a long one and the Redskins get good field position at their own 39. In what may shape up to be a field-position type of game, that could be huge.

10:13—Another unimpressive three and out for Collins and the Skins. He’s missing high, which is not a good sign. That often results in interceptions.

9:32—McIntosh looks to be out as Blades is playing in his spot. Yep, Rocky’s on the bench with ice on his left knee.

6:58—Carter with another sack and strip. I think that’s his fifth this year. Skins with a shot in NY territory.

6:08—Moss was upset about something—holding and pass interference, it appears—on Collins’ fifth incompletion. The Skins squander the opportunity, but the Giants are backed up around the 10 after a Frost punt. Oddly, Frost punted inside the 50 and did not fly it through the end zone.

5:06—Again, the Skins’ defense stops the Giants on short yardage. They had second and one and will end up punting after an incompletion and a Jacobs run. Skins get it back near midfield.

3:55—After first and 15, two Portis runs get the Skins their initial first down of the game.

A low line drive by Suisham gets the Skins on the board.

FG Suisham 50
Redskins 3, Giants 0

Not bad being up 3-0 without a pass completion yet.

2:15—The kickoff coverage has been pretty bad on the part of the Redskins today. This second one winds up near midfield.

0:35—Butterfingers for Jacobs leads to another three and out by the Giants. A 19-yard punt ensues and the Skins don’t pay much for allowing the kickoff return.

End of First Quarter
Redskins 3, Giants 0 Archives

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