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The Defense: Tweak it or Nuke it?

Jan 3, 2007, 4:09 AM EDT

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This just in—the Redskins defense stunk in 2006. In almost any way you look at it the performance of the unit was among the worst in the NFL. They were #27 in rushing yards, #23 in passing yards and #31 in total yards. Washington had only 19 sacks; the second-worst team in this regard, the Tampa Bay Bucs, got 25 sacks, or about 30% more than the Redskins. The six interceptions they made is a historically low total.

What made the performance of the defense shocking is that the unit has been the team’s consistent strength ever since Gregg Williams arrived along with Joe Gibbs in 2004. But through a combination of a scheme that the other teams have figured out, some key injuries, and some misguided personnel decisions the unit has deteriorated into the team’s Achilles heel.

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  1. Anonymous - Jan 5, 2007 at 11:23 PM

    There are other historically bad stats for the 06 Redskins D. How about dead last in the NFL in terms of number of pass touchdowns allowed? (30 total pass TD’s allowed) How about dead last in the NFL for number of pass plays of 20 or more yards (55 total plays). Dead last in the league in sacks (19 mentioned by Rick). How about 31st in the league for number of pass plays of 40 or more yards? (15 total plays). 31st in the league for average yards per reception allowed. The only reason why the run defense didn’t look worse is that it was so darn easy to throw on the skins, why waste much time running the ball. How do you “tweak” something so bad? “Tweak” is usually reserved for something that is just a little bit off and just needs a little tweak to put it over the top. This defense was so horrible, a “tweak” ain’t going to do it. They have needs at every position and defensive coaches who suddenly seem incompetent. I don’t know where they should begin. I didn’t see any of this coming at all. I thought the defense would be great this year, or at least solid. This historic defensive collapse is totally shocking and unexpected. I wonder what people are saying about this inside the league circles. Archives

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