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GameBlog vs. Bengals Second Quarter

Aug 14, 2006, 2:15 AM EDT

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Listen, do you hear it? That loud and unmistakable sound is opportunity knocking for Jason Campbell. While it wasn’t all Collins’ fault—nobody could blame him a bit if he pulled a Peyton Manning and threw his linemen under the bus—he still wasn’t sharp when he had time and he had that deer in the headlights look on occasion. Campbell gets 30 minutes to shine. If he is on target, makes good decisions and moves the team he’ll have a leg up on Collins for the backup QB job.

Second Quarter

I won’t blame Collins going down on third and one on him. Center Mike Pucillo got blown back into him before he could even move.

Well, the Bengals have now scored once each way you can, with a safety, touchdown, extra point, and field goal.

Mike Espy looked surprised when Collins finally got the ball past the line of scrimmage for the first down. Maybe that will settle him down because it’s almost to the point where he will need to be pulled before his confidence is completely shot to hell.

Ataveus Cash isn’t getting much of a chance to try to make the team. He’s had two kickoffs that he couldn’t bring out of the end zone, one punt he had to fair catch, another he let roll out of bounds at the one and another punt that he caught immediately before getting nailed. He’s not likely to make this team anyway but he’s missing out on a chance to make a good impression on some other teams that might need a receiver/returner.

It’s always hard to diagnose an injury from the replay, but it doesn’t look good for Kerry Carter. That knee buckled quite a bit on that cut. If that line doesn’t start blocking any better, Ernest Byner is going to have to suit up and carry the ball.

If Kenny Wright doesn’t step up and start knocking down a few passes, Christian Morton could pass him on the depth chart. Morton made a good hit in space to force a punt. Archives

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