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GameBlog vs. Bengals Final

Aug 14, 2006, 3:40 AM EDT

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In this instant-information age, there is a tendency to want to know about the status of an injury such as the one that Portis suffered right away. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t always give an indication as to the severity of an injury as quickly as we would like. We’ll know a lot more about his status in a few days when we see how it responds to some treatment and rest.

Third Quarter

Listen, do you hear it? That loud and unmistakable sound is opportunity knocking for Jason Campbell. While it wasn’t all Collins’ fault—nobody could blame him a bit if he pulled a Peyton Manning and threw his linemen under the bus—he still wasn’t sharp when he had time and he had that deer in the headlights look on occasion. Campbell gets 30 minutes to shine. If he is on target, makes good decisions and moves the team he’ll have a leg up on Collins for the backup QB job.

It’s kind of odd that Tyler Jones is doing the kickoffs. There was talk that the punter would be doing the kicking off to save Hall’s leg for field goals. You would think that they would want to get as much practice for Frost and/or Lonie as possible, so maybe this won’t be the case.

Joe Sykes beat Jon Jansen on a few occasions in camp and he just did a good job there in getting to Doug Johnson and getting the sack. He is getting to be a practice squad possibility.

We saw the good and the bad of Jason Campbell on his first series. A zinger to Espy from his own end zone to convert a first down was followed by a nice touch pass downfield that Jimmy Farris could have caught had he made the decision to use both hands. Then, on second down, he couldn’t make a decision, got happy feet, took and sack and fumbled.

That was a cover two on the TD pass to Kelly Washington? Try cover none. Dennard Wilson was horribly slow getting over to help and he didn’t react to the ball in the air.

We have had a Manuel White sighting. He made a nice move and turn upfield on a swing pass from Campbell. He needs to have more moments like that if he’s going to make this team.

Fourth Quarter

Madden delivered what the headline should be for this affair when he said that it looked like the Bengals were ready to play a preseason game tonight and the Redskins were not.

The sight of Clinton Portis sitting on the sideline with his arm in a sling should quash any talk of Ladell Betts being dealt to the Jets or anywhere else for that matter.

Nemo Broughton did himself a favor in his quest to make the team again with a solid blitz pickup on third down. That’s the kind of thing that the coaches make a fuss over in the film room tomorrow.

Rocky McIntosh had a pretty impressive stint at linebacker. He moved well, fought off blockers, and made a few tackles. He won’t work his way into the starting lineup by opening night but he’ll be in some of Williams’ packages and may be starting by Halloween.

It’s safe to say that Campbell has answered the knock at the door. He’s had a few rough moments but Collins had more in less playing time. Although he just undid that beautiful pass to Ortega with a bad interception, he has thrown some excellent passes.

Karon Riley is having a good night of mop-up duty. He always seems to be around the ball and he’s planted a few backs.

  1. Robbo - Aug 14, 2006 at 11:01 PM

    Starting defense looked great. As it was last year, the defense looks miles ahead of the offense. Brunell looked a bit rusty to me. I loved the pass to Lloyd, but hated the interception that lead to the Portis injury. Next time, get the ball out of bounds or just take the sack. No way putting an uncertain ball in play during preseason is worth it. Too many bad things can happen.

    The wannabes on D looked solid up front and in the middle, but weak in the backfield.

    I liked the way Jason Campbell throws a football.

    I sure hope the Skins hold on to Betts and that Betts can continue to produce as he has done in the past.

    Regarding the comments about preseason, I agree that 4 games is too long. I am not sure what the solution is, but maybe cutting the preseason to 2 games and keeping starters out of the first of these games would help. I think at some point, coaches have to decide who to play and how long to get a sense of how well the offense, defense, and special teams are working under game conditions. Waiting to do this in the regular season seems risky.

    Another idea? Maybe extending the regular season would help if the league allows for bigger rosters and add an additional bye week for each team. In this way, teams can spread the workload across more players and will get some extra time during the season to rest and recover. Archives

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