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GameBlog vs. Bengals First Quarter

Aug 13, 2006, 9:07 PM EDT

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I’m going to be interested in seeing Adam Archuleta in Gregg Williams’ defense tonight. As he is who is new to the team I expect that he will play longer tonight than most of the starters. With the limited hitting in Redskins camp we really haven’t seen him do his thing and tonight will be his chance.

The weapons are all coming out on this first drive with the run by Portis, the pass to Moss, the attempt to get it to Cooley when he was blocked off by the linebacker and then the circus catch by Lloyd.

Brunell just doesn’t have the arm to complete a pass like the one that was picked off. Few quarterbacks do, for that matter. The blitz pickup wasn’t there and Brunell should either have taken the sack or executed the duck and chuck.

Portis doesn’t seem to be too bad off, but we’ll have to wait and see. If anything it’s a shoulder problem. I know people will be saying that he shouldn’t have been in the game, but you have to get ready for the season somehow. And don’t even think of anyone trying to tell him that he shouldn’t try to make a tackle like that. Portis has to be Portis.

The Washington defense is playing just like Williams and company draw it up. The line is fighting to a standstill, allowing the linebackers and DB’s to come in and make the plays.

The defense doesn’t have any need to play vanilla schemes like the offense does, either. Everyone knows what’s coming—a cornerback streaking towards the quarterback.

And a linebacker or two as well. Marshall and Washington executed a nice game of “meet at the quarterback.”

What a horrible throw by Todd Collins on the INT on the screen pass. I mean, if I could work at it five years full time I probably could learn Al Saunders’ offense, too, but that doesn’t mean I could execute it. I don’t know if Collins can, either.

Another bad decision by Collins on the safety, but that second-team offensive line didn’t help him out. They barely impeded the rush at all. No need to mention any names, they all got beaten.

Reed Doughty made a mistake in biting on the flea flicker, but it wasn’t a rookie mistake. It happens with some frequency, just ask Sean Taylor about the play in Dallas last September. The Redskins will be made to play for their aggressive style of play from time to time; they just need to make sure that the other team does more paying than they do. Archives

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