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Surprise vs. Execution

Aug 4, 2006, 11:34 AM EDT

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The Redskins offense will be full of surprises for the opposition this year. I mean, if you’re going to have your running back throw a bomb to a wide receiver in an open practice, well, imagine what Al Saunders is holding under wraps.

While the offense isn’t that different from last year’s in terms of its foundation and its terminology, the variety of plays and gadgets that will be employed will increase dramatically under Saunders. This is a change from the approach that Gibbs has used which was to run fewer plays but execute them to perfection and dare the opposing defense to stop them.

You do have to be somewhat concerned about the execution aspect when it comes to 700 pages of plays in the playbook, especially in the beginning. Regardless of how much you may be fooling the other defense, if your execution is sloppy the plays will break down.

When I asked him about this, Saunders told me that they wouldn’t call any plays that they didn’t feel that the players had a good enough handle on to properly execute. The bottom line is that these guys are pros and if the Kansas City Chiefs can learn to execute the offense well enough to be among the league leaders in offense year after year the Washington Redskins can as well. Archives

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