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Game Blog Third Quarter

Jan 14, 2006, 11:54 PM EDT

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Third Quarter

In Arizona, the Redskins were trailing and took the second-half kickoff and pounded it down the field for a critical touchdown. This ain’t Arizona, that’s for sure, but the Redskins need something similar here.

Brunell is really struggling with his throws. Cooley was open there for a first down on the Redskins’ first possession, but the ball sailed on Brunell. It may be up to the defense to get a turnover if they are to have a shot.

This Maurice Morris kid (he may not be a kid, I don’t really know) is running well. It’s allowing Seattle to keep in its normal offense going. They’re getting good yardage on first down one way or another and they’re converting the third and short situations. It’s getting very, very dangerous for the Redskins.

Hasselbeck 6 run (Brown kick) Seahawks 14, Redskins 3

Now is when they need that drive, obviously even worse than they did before.

Cory Raymer is in at right guard in place of Ray Brown. He’s an old vet, but he did get nailed for that holding call. It doesn’t look like he’s ready to play.

I didn’t see Farris covering up a receiver there when the flag negated the first down; he was covering Samuels.

Gut check for the Skins and Gibbs, going for it on fourth and a full two to go. Good call to run Portis on the toss sweep.
Brunell has to get rid of the ball on fourth and 13. Throw it up for grabs, throw an interception, do anything besides take the sack. It’s absolutely up to the defense to score now. Archives

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