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Game Blog Second Quarter

Jan 14, 2006, 11:01 PM EDT

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Second Quarter.

Seattle’s Williams has been playing with fire all afternoon and he finally got burned. Perhaps a spark for the offense?

Great call on the sneak for the first down with the quick snap. As I said earlier, you don’t want to have the line set for too long, especially on a play when the crowd noise is going to be building.

FG Hall 16 Redskins 3, Seahawks 0

I hate first and goal at the 10. It’s a long way to go with the defense bunched up back there. Still, a 3-0 lead is good at this point in the game as long as they keep Seattle frustrated on offense. There were Cooley and Moss sightings on the drive, so that’s a good sign as well.

Wow, I think that Gibbs should have challenged the spot on that third down completion to Jackson. He dove back to the 35 and got a spot at the 36.

Hasselbeck can have all of those little sidearm tosses that he can throw. The Redskins will knock most of them down and pick off a few more.

Hasselbeck 30 pass to Jackson (Brown kick) Seahawks 7, Redskins 3

Excellent drive by Seattle to take the lead. That was a “game of inches” drive, with Rogers just missing the INT on the first play and the couple of inches (on a pretty favorable spot) that they got their initial first down by.

Even though it didn’t quite turn out right, it was good for Gibbs to be aggressive on that third and long call. I was sensing a draw and a punt, but he went for it. Now, it’s up to the defense again.

They’re getting it done except for a couple of drives. The Redskins are in it at the half, but they’re going to have to hit a play at some point if they’re going to win. Archives

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