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Game Blog First Quarter

Jan 14, 2006, 10:19 PM EDT

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First Quarter

I spent seven hours in the car driving my son back to college today. Switching among sports talk stations on my XM Radio, I didn’t find a single commentator—not one—who thought the Redskins could win. This talk of the Redskins being too beaten up to even compete has really taken hold as the national template. It might be right, but we will see.

Not sure what Springs was looking at on that long completion to Jackson. He was looking into the backfield as Jackson ran right by him. That’s not the way to start out on third down.

Hooo, boy, an antiseptic fumble by Alexander in the Red Zone. That’s not a good way to start off what is a statement game for him. Good break for the Redskins, they need to take advantage of it.

You’ve got to make that catch, Taylor Jacobs. It’s a chance to move the chains.

At some point in this game, Hasselbeck is going to have a blitzer in his face when he least expects it. Williams is rushing three just like he did last week and Hasselbeck isn’t finding much of anywhere to throw.

Washington is making all of those who have been busting on the offense all week look right so far with a couple of three and outs. They need to gain more on first down.

The Redskins almost got the break they needed on that punt. Carlos Rogers knocked it out, but the receiver somehow reeled it back in.  

After another Seattle three and out it’s so far, so good defensively for the Redskins. Now if the offense can only string together a few first downs—or even one—maybe they can start to turn the field position around.

Brunell has got to get the snap off quicker. You can’t stay up there for that long with all that noise going on. That’s sure to cause a false start and it did.

Maurice Morris is now in at running back. Hasselbeck is getting frustrated. Four straight three and outs for the Seattle offense. It couldn’t be going better defensive for the Redskins and it couldn’t be much worse offensively.

A push at the end of the first quarter. Given the gloom and doom predictions, I think most of us will take it.

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