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Game BlogSecond Quarter

Jan 7, 2006, 7:05 PM EDT

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Second Quarter

Renaldo Wynn is one of the truly under appreciated guys on this team. It looks like he’s out with a broken arm; if you have to go out on a cart for an arm injury, it can’t be good.

Cornelius Griffin missed the first game and the Bucs are being reminded of that. He’s blown up a couple of run plays up the middle and he almost got an interception when he got push up the middle and got both hands on Simms’ pass.

Good drive by the Bucs’ offense right there, with the sack by Daniels minimizing the damage. The Redskins need to get some offense going, which they haven’t really done since their first drive. The crowd will be very lively; a few first downs on the ground will quiet them in a hurry.

The Power side of Portis KO’s the Bucs’ Sheldon Quarles. Wow.

I’m not sure if Brunell gave them the dead leg on that third-down run to pick up a few extra yards or if that right leg is just dead. I’m not sure if he’s nifty enough at this age to do that on purpose. Good result, good move by Brunell.

The Redskins got just what they needed in driving for the field goal, chewing up some time in doing so. They passed on first down a couple of times and ran the reverse to Moss to change things up a little bit.

Now, it’s time for the defense to get it done again. Keep them bottled up back there and get some good field position for a late drive.

Well, that’s not happening as of the two-minute warning. Simms is getting time to throw and getting the ball into some tight spots. It’s now not a matter of getting the ball back with good field position, it’s stopping them from scoring.

That was a near-genius defensive call on that delayed blitz and sack by Stoutmire. Simms had been getting time to throw and he thought he did on that play, right up until the time that the safety was in his face.

A good maintaining job by the Redskins. They get the second half kickoff and any points at all on that drive will put a nail in the pirates’ coffin. Archives

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