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Game Blog Third Quarter

Jan 7, 2006, 7:49 PM EDT

Third Quarter

This is a good time to get an offensive drive going. A good percentage of the fans are not yet back in their seats, not much disruptive crowd noise.

Portis being out of this game is not good, obviously, but not a disaster with a two-touchdown lead. If the defense does its job, Betts will be good enough for the Redskins to hold on to the lead.

Certainly, that was not the start to the second half that you wanted. The Bucs started in good field position due to shaky special teams play and got rolling on that pass to Pittman. It was easy after that. Game on.

Our boy Simms certainly has recovered from that shaky start and has his feet well under him. Was it Steve Young who said that he was a spoiled rich kid? It seems like he missed on that one.

Just giving Portis a rest, I guess? That was odd.

Some halftime adjustments are in play. I don’t recall Moss going in motion at all in the first half, now they’re moving him around some to try to read the coverage.

Maybe Frost needs to get knocked around a little more. A 49-yard punt inside the 10 with no return is his best effort of the day. Maybe Danny Smith should get him doing some live tackling drills before the game.

What in the heck was that? Of course, much stronger language is called for after your safety gets flagged after the other player smacked him in the helmet after the play was over. It will be very interesting to hear whatever lame explanation there may be for this.


OK, if he did indeed spit in the other player’s face, then the ejection is deserved. Archives

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