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Game Blog First Quarter

Jan 7, 2006, 6:20 PM EDT

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First Quarter

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They played 60 minutes last time and Chris Simms wasn’t sacked. It took just two minutes into this one for them to nail him today. A good sign, no doubt.

There was a little too much French pastry, as the late Al McGuire used to say, on that formation right before Brunell had to burn a timeout on the first drive. Very fancy, a lot of shifting. I understand that they’re trying to get the Bucs off balance, but that seems to have been a little much.

Derrick Frost does tend to be inconsistent, but him air mailing that punt from the Bucs 34 into the end zone is not a good sign. I’m not quite sure what the risk is from there of angling it out of bounds. The chances of it winding up inside the five aren’t very good, but the odds of it going out inside the 15 are excellent.

“Gut and Power” Portis goes in for the touchdown after the Arrington interception. They didn’t get an interception against Simms last time around either. We’ll see how the young QB reacts to the rocky start.

I’m not sure how this replay is going to come out. It doesn’t look like there is any indisputable evidence there, unless there’ something in super-duper slo-mo to show a Buc touching him.

There wasn’t. Touchdown Washington Redskins. That’s six takeaways in less than two quarters. It’s not game over yet, way too much time, but it’s going to be very, very difficult for the Bucs to come back from this.

Antonio Brown needs to learn when to stay the hell away from the ball. It’s admiarable to try to keep it from bouncing back further, but not at that cost. It was very, very fortunate that the Redskins recovered that ball. That could have been a game-changing play. It’s also a ball that the Redskins would not have recovered earlier this year. Archives

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