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Game Blog vs. Eagles First Quarter

Jan 1, 2006, 10:03 PM EDT

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It just comes down to taking care of business now. The Giants did last night, the Steelers, Panthers, and Bucs did today. If the Redskins belong in the playoffs, they’ll win today.

Whenever I see a potential interception go through a defensive back’s hands, as it did with Shawn Springs right before Akers’ field goal, I remember the old adage that if a DB has good hands, he probably would be a wide receiver.

All of a sudden after that fumbled punt the Redskins are getting a lot more physical. First Portis fights through the line and pops for a first down and then he moves the pile for three.

When will the opposition start covering Mike Sellers in the Red Zone? Not that we particularly want them to or anything, but it really is amazing how open he is on such a consistent basis. He’s not a secret any more.

The Eagles are doing well passing on first down, and they’re running pretty well right up the middle. They can’t execute on third down, though, and that’s helping the Redskins through a rather rocky defensive start.

That’s twice on this drive on third down that McMahon has been able to step up in the pocket and throw for a first down. That set up the touchdown pass to Brown on first down. Archives

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