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Game Blog Third Quarter

Jan 1, 2006, 7:39 PM EDT

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Third Quarter

Thank you Andy Reid for wasting a challenge and a time out. I’m not sure what the Eagles gain even if the challenge is upheld. He’s just challenging the catch to get them to look at where Moss stepped out of bounds, but he only got a couple more yards after the catch. I can’t quite figure that one out.

Back to the throw, whatever they gave Mark Brunell at halftime, I want some of it. That was his best toss of the day.

Just what the doctor ordered. It’s up to the defense now.

Speaking of the doctor, what was that CPR thing that Portis was doing with the ball there? Did that have something to do with the Skins’ playoff chances coming back to life?

Special teams are not helping the defense today. The Eagles are consistently getting good field position, aided on that particular drive by Rock Cartwright’s dumb face mask away from the play. Good move getting Betts in there on the kickoff return; Brown was very unsure of himself and seemed to be trying to take it all the way instead of just getting some decent yardage.

It’s about time the Eagles got some poor field position. I don’t think they’ve even had it inside their own 30 all day, much less their 10. Let’s see how McMahon and company (I can’t believe I’m typing that) handle this. Again, a three and out is what the Redskins need, but they haven’t managed to force one of those all day.

Finally, thanks to Griffin’s sack, a three and out and, finally, some decent field position. That’s the pressure up the middle that the Redskins have been looking for all day.

The defense has stemmed the tide now and it’s up to the offense to move it and put some points up. Archives

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