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Game Blog Second Quarter

Jan 1, 2006, 10:49 PM EDT

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Second Quarter

It seems like very time you look up, the Eagles are nearing midfield. They are winning the field position battle and that helps their handicapped offense. Landetta is still one of the best in the business while Frost is hit or miss.

You don’t need me to tell you that Brunell is struggling on his throws. He just can’t plant properly on his right leg, the one with the injured knee, and his throws just don’t have enough on them to get it in to receivers that don’t have a lot of separation. The Washington defense is going to have to make a play soon for the Redskins to take the momentum back. They don’t really even need a turnover, although that would be nice. A simple three and out would be of great help.

A horrible call by the officials on the pass interference, but that was a horrible defensive series by the Redskins on top of it. The call cost them four points, but if they keep on making McMahon look like Manning they’ll be home next week. Their best play in the series was when McMahon fell down, giving Marcus Washington the easiest sack he’ll ever get. The defense needs to wake up now or they’ll be able to sleep in next week.

I was wonder why Brunell kept on throwing to Thrash. It’s because the Eagles are so afraid of Moss that Thrash eventually had to be open. That third and 11 conversion may prove to be the play of the game.

On third and one, why not go to Mike Sellers again? They probably still won’t cover him.

Getting a field goal there was a letdown, especially after Portis gained six on first down.

Marcus Washington is money.

An ugly first half by and large for the Redskins, a lot like the first half in Arizona a few weeks ago. All they need is to go in and make some halftime adjustments defensively, keep pounding the ball to Portis offensively, and sneak out of town with a win and a playoff spot. Archives

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