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The Matrix

Dec 29, 2005, 1:27 AM EDT

Comments Off on The Matrix made a quite useful chart that showed what the playoff seeds will under all possible combinations of results in this weekend’s games with playoff implications. There are five such games and you see them listed in the left half of the chart. Then, going down each column the possible combinations of winners are listed. On the right, there is the playoff seeding that will emerge from those results.

This version of the chart is sorted into the four possible scenarios for the Redskins. In the green section, the Redskins are the division champs (Redskins and Raiders win). In the yellow there are the “win and in” combinations where Washington is a Wild Card (Redskins and Giants win). The orange represents the “back in” sets of circumstances (Eagles and Rams win) and the white is the unthinkable where the Redskins go home (Eagles and Cowboys win).

(if this is a bit small for you to read–sorry, that’s as large as blogger will let me post it–you can go here to get the original table)

The top two seeds, Seattle and Chicago, have first-round byes. The #3 seed will host the #6 seed and the #4 hosts the #5. As you can see, most of the scenarios with the Redskins winning the division title have the Giants coming to FedEx Field, although the one with all of the favorites except the Giants winning, the one listed first, has Carolina coming to Washington. A Wild Card Redskins team almost certainly goes to Tampa Bay as long as the Bucs beat the Saints; otherwise a trip to the Meadowlands is likely in the offing. Archives

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