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Game Blog Fourth Quarter

Dec 12, 2005, 12:10 AM EDT

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Fourth Quarter

Good punt by Frost; in that three-game losing streak he had a tendency to get off a weak one under such circumstances.

That was great timing for the first three and out of the game by the Cardinals, and they looked bad doing it. We’ll see if the commitment to the run shown on that first drive of the half pays dividends here. The possibility of Portis popping one through the line and going for a big play is pretty good here. I’ll will say it now, he’s been close a couple of times. Regardless of that, three first downs, no matter how they are obtained, probably clinches it for the Redskins.

Well, the Redskins had a first and five and couldn’t get a first down. Thanks to another good punt by Frost, the Cardinals will have a long way to travel. Still, with Warner and company able to eat up big chunks of yardage at once, it’s best to keep the off the field altogether.

The Cards did get some field position on that pass to Boldin, but good job to get them to punt. This time, for sure, a few first downs puts this one away.

How many times are they Cardinals going to be allowed to pick up five yards on first down on that little draw play?

We see the Taylor intimidation factor in full force there as Arrington shrinks like a schoolgirl as Taylor approaches in the open field.

Excellent play call by Gibbs to go with the pass when the run hasn’t been working the past two series. I think that the Cards have two timeouts left, so another first down will be needed to be able to run out the clock.

Who says Clinton Portis is just a scat back? He was dead and the Redskins were punting, but he kept churning and churning and got the yardage for the first.

At first glance, Antonio Brown has to get the game ball as the MVP as his return was the last score of the game. Portis, though, had a great game, and the defense, again, came up big.

  1. mbarnes202 - Dec 12, 2005 at 4:59 PM

    Let’s hope home field does something for the offense, because right now, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell this offense will score 20 against the Cowboys or the Giants, let alone against both. Dismal.
    It seems to me, Brunnel is definitely regressing– like his body is getting worn down– no 3rd down scrambles, no zip on his passes unless he really winds into it, and I think defenses are beginning to notice it.
    Also, again, there were a number of plays that it seemed the defense was tipped off to what play was coming. In particular, in the fourth quarter, I remember a sweep off right tackle the ‘Skins did that was positively swarmed under (even before the snap you could see Cardinals massing over there). In general, I don’t think we’re fooling anybody (OK, I’ll grant you the bootleg pass to Royal surprised everybody).
    We’ll have to play A LOT better to have any chance against Parcells and the Cowboys.

  2. Joe - Dec 12, 2005 at 10:09 PM

    After Cartwright’s big game against the Rams, I had hoped he’d get a handful of carries this week. The running game looks the best, in my opinion, when we use a 2 back approach. It seems to keep defenses off balance.

    Brunnel may be wearing down some. But he still looks a ton better than he did last season. He had a decent 2nd half this week.

    Have faith, mbarnes, we only needed 14 to beat Dallas last time. Archives

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