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Game Blog Third Quarter

Dec 11, 2005, 7:26 PM EDT

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Third Quarter

A fifteen-yard penalty before even taking the field for the second half? Did I mention that I hate games in Arizona?

I’m typing this prior to the replay review, so I’m assuming that it’s a TD as it looks like Portis got the ball over before stepping out, but here goes. That was the perfect drive for the Redskins to open the half to tie the game. They ran the ball, they went for it on fourth and two, they got a break with the facemask penalty, they burned off over seven and a half minutes. It’s been over half an hour of real time since the Redskins defense has been on the field, hopefully they’ll get after the Cardinals like they did in the beginning of the game.

Well, maybe not. Warner got too much time to throw on that seam route to the TE and then when they do get pressure, they break a tackle and get another big gainer. And then Boldin breaks Taylor tackle (he was responsible for the miss on the earlier play) to convert a third and eight. That one probably didn’t end up hurting much as they were well within field goal range.

There were two missed turnover opportunities on that drive. Chris Clemons had Warner’s arm but the QB managed to move the arm forward enough to get an incompletion and then Taylor missed a diving try for an interception on a ball that Marcus Washington tipped. The play for Taylor was tough but certainly makeable.

Were I a shady blogger, I would go back and type someplace that it has looked a couple of times like Antonio Brown was a shoestring tackle away from a long run on a kickoff return. I did think that but I didn’t type it, so I’m not going to revise my remarks as some in Washington do.
The kid’s got a set of wheels, no doubt about it.

I’ve seen less pushing called a force out than we saw on the Bouldin catch, but we’ll take it. Archives

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