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Game Blog Second Quarter

Dec 11, 2005, 6:38 PM EDT

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Second Quarter

Carlos Rogers pursues the run very well. It looked like J. J. Arrington had some running room on that pitch play, but Rogers closed in a hurry and made the tackle for a loss.

Very good responding drive by Warner and the Cardinals. They got some ground game going and protected Warner better, giving him time to find his guys Boldin and Fitz. The Redskins need a smart drive of their own in response to the Cardinals’ response. Maybe they’ll do better with the whole field to work with; they haven’t been doing too well getting it in Arizona territory.

So much for the more field theory. Not very impressive there, a short run, a dropped pass and another pass well short of the first down followed by a fumble. This offense is lacking anything remotely resembling rhythm.

Warrick Holdman finally makes a stat sheet appearance with a fumble recovery. They are starting to paint his number on a parking spot at Redskins Park as I type this, I’m sure.

Wow, Brunell is having his worst day of the year. That’s two Red Zone interceptions thrown to a spot with nobody in white in the vicinity. The first pick wasn’t his fault as it bounced off of Cooley, but the second two certainly were just horrid throws. That last one and a rare dumb play by Jon Jansen in picking up a personal foul for a late hit out of bounds (a bit touchy, IMO, but legit) results in a net swing of at least six points, maybe 10.

This certainly isn’t Brunell’s day. He was unable even to execute a simple spike of the ball to stop the clock and then when things went awry he couldn’t make a play out of it.
It’s hard to get a feel for this game because of all of the turnovers. It’s pretty even statistically; if they Skins can just hold on to the ball, they may be able to win going away. I think it’s time for heavy doses of Portis in the second half and let Brunell calm down and recover some confidence. Archives

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