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Game Blog Vs. Rams First Half

Dec 4, 2005, 10:45 PM EDT

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Tandler’s Redskins GameBlog
Redskins vs. Rams

First Half

I went to the Redskins’ 2000 win in the Edward Jones Dome (not sure what it was called at the time) and it was loud. I’ve always thought that people who talked about putting in ear plugs in domes were wimps of some sort, but they may have had a point, I was thinking as the Rams took a 10-0 lead. Today, however, there isn’t nearly as much juice there. The Rams not being the defending Super Bowl champs certainly has something to do with it. So does Clinton Portis’ 47-yard TD run and Dexter Coakley’s gruesome injury.

Up just 7-0, the Redskins had better not let the Rams hang around for too long. They are now just one mistake or one fortunate play from being tied in a game that they have thoroughly dominated.

These referees are quite the huddlers. They discuss everything at length. They do seem to be getting it right.

What a costly, costly facemask by Sean Taylor. That’s just not smart football. Neither is the defense letting Fitzpatrick run around and around and score the tying touchdown. He’s not fast, he’s not elusive, and somebody has to tackle the guy. That was a bad drive for the Redskins defense. The Rams are picking up the blitzes and making them pay for the single coverage on Holt. Maybe it will wake up the offense.

Chris Cooley might be the second best receiver on the team when it comes to yards after the catch. He can bull through that first tackler in the open field and scamper for a bunch more.

Rock Cartwright can run, too. I hadn’t seen that second gear he has once he broke past the line on that third down play. Of course, he rarely gets in the open field like that.

This is not the solid effort that the Redskins needed. They couldn’t punch it in after a first and goal at the five, Moss picks up a 15-yard penalty for whining and then Hall kicks it out of bounds. One completion and the Rams are back in Redskins territory. They may win, but without a second-half turnaround they won’t get any bounce out of it. They’re playing like a 5-6 football team.

This offense just wasted a great opportunity with sheer stupidity. After Cartwright’s nice run to get them near midfield a bubble screen to Taylor Jacobs cost them 37 seconds. Nobody could get lined up and then when they finally did get ready to snap it 27 seconds after the play ended (you see offenses get plays off in less than 10 seconds) there was a false start. To keep teams from doing that intentionally to stop the clock, there is a 10-second burn off the clock by rule when that happens. Sheer bumbling by the offensive unit. Archives

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