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Game Blog Fourth Quarter

Dec 4, 2005, 8:15 PM EDT

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Fourth Quarter

Against the Niners, Clinton Portis turned a cartwheel after scoring a rushing touchdown. Today, he turned one while in the process of scoring the touch, going in the air and heels over head into the end zone.

Redskins 17-7. This sounds hauntingly familiar—a 10-point fourth-quarter lead. The defense needs to make a play or at least stuff them Rams three and out and give the offense a chance to put this one away.

I guess that hand transplant worked out OK for Robert Royal.

Chris Clemons is a QB-seeking machine. Had Fitzpatrick been able to scoot to a first down on that Rams series after the Washington TD, it gives the Rams some life. But Clemons chased him down and made the stop and, although Bryan Barker got off a booming punt that has the Redskins pinned back, Washington has a chance to run out a good chunk of the 11:59 remaining.

I wouldn’t define four seconds as  “good chunk”. A disastrous safety by Brunell.

Turnabout is fair play as the Rams fumble it back after the free kick. That one was on Fitzpatrick as much as the other one was on Brunell. It looked for a second here like the Rams were going to recover, but the ball squirted by Jackson and Renaldo Wynn got the recovery. It’s time to go in for the kill.

Perfect. About six minutes burned off of the clock and a touchdown. This is the way that this offense is supposed to work with the opposing defense getting worn out and the Redskins line dishing out the punishment on the way to the end zone.

Of course, this offensive philosophy would work great every week if the Redskins played the Rams defense every week.

Carlos Rogers has arrived. A key interception doesn’t quite seal the deal, but it gives the Washington offense, riding the back of one Rock Cartwright, a chance to do so. Archives

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