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Game Blog Second Quarter

Nov 13, 2005, 10:42 PM EDT

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Second Quarter

Two turnovers now. The Tampa offense would have no life at all except for the CPR the Redskins are giving them.

At least that one just cost the Redskins some field position, thanks to Galloway’s drop. With the Bucs jumping that WR screen, they have to pump and go off of it.

That one cost a little more than field position. Feel free to block Rice, anyone out there. We need some of the famous Gibbs adjustments well before halftime.

Thank you Ladell Betts. That was a great, great individual effort, especially at the end there to get past that last tackle. The way this game’s going, there’s not guarantee that even an opportunity like that wouldn’t be frittered away. Good call on the replay. There just wasn’t any indisputable evidence that he stepped out, although it was extremely close.

This is shaping up as one of those dreaded games when the maligned units (Bucs O-Line) and individual players (Rice, Simms) come back with a vengeance.

Wow, a Brian Kozlowski sighting. There were two of them, in fact, although Brunell overthrew a touchdown on the second one. Apparently, they’re catching on to Mike Sellers, so they’re sending out a different TE who never catches the ball.

Portis has a buck seven in the first half. He’s been stopped once or twice, but he’s generally ripped off 10+ yard gains every time he’s touched the ball.

I don’t like the call on third and two. It’s not so much that it was a pass, although that’s something of a head-scratcher, too (see paragraph above). But don’t throw it to Rice’s side, especially if you’re not going to even brush him. All that said, Patten could have caught the ball.

21-13 at the half. Considering all of the turnovers, I’ll take it. Archives

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