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Game Blog Fourth Quarter

Nov 13, 2005, 9:57 PM EDT

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Fourth Quarter
What moron ever said that all Santana Moss was good for was catching long bombs? That tough catch over the middle for a first was testament to his ability to catch the tough ones. (What’s that? Oh, I said that was all he was good for? Never mind!)

Did you catch Joe Gibbs talking to Gregg Williams right after they called time out on fourth down? You’ve got to think that Gibbs is saying, “if we don’t make it, your guys have to get a stop. What do you think?” I doubt that Williams curses when he’s talking to Gibbs like he does when he’s talking to his players, so he probably said something like, “You’re goldarn right we’ll hold ‘em!”

No need for the defense, at least not yet. So far it’s been an excellent drive by the Redskins, eating up time, giving the defense some rest. Back to that “if” from earlier, they need to score a touchdown.
A thunder and lightning strike there with Portis finishing it off after Betts set it up. Here we go again with the Bucs offense. A third-down sack would be nice.

Instead, we’re getting more third-down conversions by Simms and company. The pass to Galloway and then the offside penalty are the kind of plays that will keep Williams and company up late this week regardless of how this one turns out.

Not to take anything away from Phillip Daniels or anything, but it’s not too hard to block a pass when it’s thrown right in your facemask. Still, a good job getting penetration by Daniels and the Redskins need just one first down to be able to salt this one away.

Nope. They’ll get a chance, albeit with no time outs. Someone has to cover the deep middle and keep Galloway from snaring a long one.

I’d say it’s a good thing that the Galloway catch was upheld; in that cast, the time was more valuable than the yardage.

Galloway didn’t deliver the dagger, a guy with his first TD of the year did. Harris didn’t have bad coverage, but you have to give Simms credit, he put it right on the money.
Didn’t look like a good call on the two-pointer, but, like Betts’ TD on the kickoff, there wasn’t enough solid evidence to overturn.

In the big picture, it was turnovers and third-down conversion problems that did the Redskins in. In the micro picture, it was the lack of discipline on the PAT try and Gruden’s gutsy call to follow that up with a two-point try. A great opportunity lost by the Redskins here. Archives

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