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Game Blog First Quarter

Nov 13, 2005, 10:01 PM EDT

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First Quarter

Certainly not the start that you want on the road. I’m now quite sure how you can say that Joey Galloway was pushed out of bounds when Prioleau was barely making contact with him. Still, the INT was the killer on that one.

The good sign here is that Portis is running with great authority. That’ll keep things open in a lot of ways all day long if it keeps up.

Did Robert Royal buy a ticket to this game? What’s he doing standing there and watching Simeon Rice blow right by him? How about at least get into position to help recover the fumble there? Again, Portis saves the day after a Brunell fumble, this time falling on it to preserve three points.

Both of Brunell’s last two fumbles have come as a result of rushers right in front of him, not the blind side strip we usually expect. Obviously, he has to protect the ball there. In that situation around the 10 yard line, a sack isn’t fatal to your field goal chances so it’s better to tuck the ball in and take the sack. Archives

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