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GameBlog–Third Quarter

Oct 30, 2005, 4:43 PM EDT

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Third Quarter

Microscopic: Well, I said before the game that they might have to reinvent the quarterback rating system for Mark Brunell after this one. I was right, but in the wrong direction. At halftime his rating sits at a punt 19.3. Ever hear of no place to go but up?

Powerless: The Redskins had to know that they were going to hand it to Barber on first and 20 and that Shockey would be the main target on first and goal at the 10. Yet they were powerless to stop it, mere spectators. This defense hasn’t played this poorly, ever.

Bouncing the right way: Our old friend Chad Morton coughs it up on a punt return and it bounces right back to him. The Redskins can’t make a break and they can’t get one. They’re really run into a buzz saw today in every way.

Not sure: I don’t quite understand why the Giants are exposing Eli Manning to getting hit with a 26-0 lead, a running game that’s on a roll, and a Washington offense that’s dead in the water. Keep him in the game, sure, but don’t have him dropping back to pass two times in three downs.

Foreign territory: The Redskins take their initial snap in Giants territory on the last snap of the third quarter. Total domination. Archives

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