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GameBlog Second Quarter

Oct 30, 2005, 7:46 PM EDT

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Second Quarter

Eventually: The Giants were going to get a touchdown. The offense just has to get something going and they probably will. Still, you have to play under control and not let Barber bust those big runs. They get the pass rush going and then, boom, they’re getting burned on the long run again.

To the max: It looks like Gibbs is going back to some max protect schemes to let Brunell get into some sort of a rhythm. It worked on the pass to Moss for their initial first down.

Streak over: Feeley finally missed a FG for the first time this year, good starting field position for the Redskins. Need to take advantage of it.

Not yet: But at 16-0 this one is dangerously close to being over. All the Redskins have to hang their hats on is the fact that they’ve been totally dominated and it’s “only” 16-0. Still, we have to see a pulse in the offense.

The worst: This is the worst game that Chris Samuels has had in, gosh, two weeks since Allen of Kansas City beat him like the proverbial rented mule. When he’s not getting beaten, he’s holding. The Redskins are in need of some serious halftime adjustments.

Body bags? It’s starting to look like it, folks. Clearly their worst 30 minutes of football this year. Archives

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