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GameBlog First Quarter

Oct 30, 2005, 2:52 PM EDT

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First Quarter

Rough start: It seemed like the Redskins were the ones that were too charged up on the first play. Sean Taylor took a bad angle and got caught inside on Barber’s long run.

Aggression pays off: Sending the Giants backwards after they got a first and goal was, obviously, huge. Once again, though, the ball was on the ground and the Redskins didn’t get it.

Jittery: A skittish start by the Redskin offense with a rare three and out. A dropped pass and a high pass, possibly a throwaway by Brunell, not the way to make a statement on the road.

Ineffective: After that initial sack, the Giants have been doing a great job of picking up the blitz. Manning has bee able to stand in and throw against a secondary without too many players in it. They’ve adjusted, now Gregg Williams will have to.

Danger zone: They’ve withstood New York’s initial offense burst giving up only three points. Now they have to be careful offensively, especially after the holding call on Samuels.

Dumb: Sean Taylor, dumb penalty. It cost the Redskins three points.

Take it: Still, with the Giants having the ball for 24 plays and about 12 minutes, you can’t be real upset at a 6-0 game. Archives

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