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Skins-Niners GameBlog–Final

Oct 23, 2005, 3:50 PM EDT

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Fourth Quarter

Ramsey coming in: Do they let him throw the ball? They didn’t throw at all their last possession. It would be kind of a shame to give Ramsey some extended playing time and have him do nothing but hand off. BTW, Brunell’s QB rating for the game is a sizzling 147.9

Portis done, too: He’s on the sidelines with the hat on, the traditional garb for the great performer taking the rest of the day off.

Come to think of it: They may not need to throw. Betts is tearing off huge chunks of yardage and Rock Cartwright just got Washington’s fourth rushing TD of the day and of the season. While it would be good to knock a little rust off of Ramsey, you almost have to take a touchdown if they’re going to give it to you.

The bench empties: They’re putting in defensive replacements as well; Omar Stoutmire, Matt Bowen, Nic Clemons seeing his first real NFL action.

Twice: Alex Smith has lost his grip in the starting portion of his throwing motion not once, but twice today. It’s Football Follies, Live at FedEx Field.

Getting the job done: The Redskins are doing what good teams need to do. They’re taking care of business at home and they are about to complete a rout of a decidedly weaker opponent.

  1. Anonymous - Oct 26, 2005 at 12:55 AM

    Hey Rich, can you explain Brunell’s snap count to me? I’ve never heard anyone so loud. And what’s he saying? Something 40? I’ve never heard any other QB saying anything like that.

  2. Kounter Trey - Oct 26, 2005 at 6:23 PM

    Snap count is usually a color and a number. ‘Yellow 40,’ for example. The number refers to a certain gap in the offensive line–they’re all numbered; I forget the order.

    So it’s an audible. But it only counts if the color called matches what was said in the huddle. If in the huddle Brunell said the audible color is green, ‘Yellow 40’ means nothing. If he calls ‘Green 40,’ though, that means he’s changing the play to a run through a certain gap.

    As to whether Brunell is particularly loud: it was a home game, so the fans were quiet when the Skins were on the field. Fox aims a parabolic mic at the QB and it picks up everything. I’m guessing you heard him better than Smith mainly because when the 49ers were on offense, there was a lot of crowd noise drowning him out.

  3. Doug - Oct 27, 2005 at 8:38 AM

    Kounter Trey, that’s a great explanation. Thanks. Archives

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