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GameBlog: Third Quarter

Oct 9, 2005, 6:52 PM EDT

Third Quarter

Washington is a homecoming opponent again. Denver is installing two guys into its Hall of Fame or whatever they call it. I’m sure they were expecting an easy win. I trust that Gibbs and company pointed this out to the team.

Three consecutive three and outs for the Broncos. Nothing is working for them except for the fact that the Redskins can’t get a turnover out of Plummer’s shaky play. I’d like to say that it will happen sooner or later but the Redskins’ track record doesn’t give one much confidence in that statement.

I was just corrected, that was four straight three and outs. A fifth here, deep in Denver territory, would be most helpful.

I’ve got to think that the tuck rule will be invoked here. That was a textbook example. Heck, if I’m the Redskins I might challenge the call if Denver doesn’t. I’d rather have them punting with a rush from the end zone than getting a free kick from the 20.

If it’s a safety, I wonder if it counts as a three and out.

Denver is now out of challenges, although their second one was successful. Let’s see, can I spell pyric victory without spell check? Nope.

Those third-down conversions aren’t coming as easily this week as they were last week against Seattle. That was not a good sequence for the Redskins as they gave up field position in addition to not scoring points. You have to do one or the other.

You can’t hold ‘em down forever. It looked like a give-up almost, not wanting to let Plummer put it up in the air. But just like on the other, fourth-down run he got through the blitz and there was nobody there. Hopefully, this will wake up the Redskins’ offense. Plenty of time left.

Again, no field position advantage gained by the Redskins due to the intentional grounding and the poor punt by Frost. The Redskins may pay again.

  1. j - Oct 10, 2005 at 1:45 AM

    The 2nd Bell “TD” came on an outrageous illegal block in the back by putzier on Marcus Washington. Watch the replay, it is inarguable. He puts both hands right on his back from straight behind and takes at least a few steps while pushing. The ref is standing right there and does nothing. Amazing!

    Despite the major infraction, Washington still managed to get an arm on Bell. Without the illegal block, it is maybe a 3 yard gain. But the block DID occur, and should have been flagged for a 10 yard loss.

    The game wasn’t really even close. Redskins creamed the Broncos. Archives

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