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Turn the Page

Sep 25, 2005, 8:02 AM EDT

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Turn the Page

In the mainstream media, the story of a Redskins game has a shelf life of about 36 hours after the game is over. That would mean that for a Sunday day game, you want to say all you have to say about it by Tuesday morning and then move on. Coverage of a Monday night game could linger into Wednesday afternoon, but that’s about it. Here, given that the level of interest is higher than it is in the “normal” world, you can add about 24 hours to that cycle.

This week with the perfect storm of a stunning, exciting win on Monday night over a hated rival who has owned the Redskins, followed up by a bye week, the cycle stretched into the weekend. As we’ve watched the final five minutes on their Tivo’s over and over again, we haven’t been able to get enough of reading different perspectives on the game. We’ve soaked up stories about and interviews with Santana Moss, Mark Brunell, Joe Gibbs, the various defenders involved in the late defensive stands, the assistant coaches, Joe Gibbs’ wife’s reaction and so on. While the sheer giddiness has faded, the desire to hold on to the good feeling remains.

Not to be a wet blanket or anything but it’s time to turn the page here. By sunset today Dallas will have played another game and we won’t be dealing with current events when we talk about last Monday night any more, we’ll be talking about history. Not ancient history, to be sure, like the Cowboys fans who are talking about how they’ll take 14 of the last 16 vs. Washington, but history nonetheless.

No more rehashing who else might have been open on the second TD pass to Moss. No more trying to figure out who the kid was that Gibbs embraced right after getting doused with the Gatorade bucket. No more running Sean Taylor’s hit on Crayton back in super slow motion to see if it really should have been called a fumble. No more replaying Moss’ second TD catch to hear the Redskins fans in Texas Stadium cheering loudly. OK, another peek on the Tivo is fine, but beyond that it’s time to move on despite the temptation to linger. It’s time to stop thinking about what it was like to move to 2-0 and start looking at the prospects for going 3-0.

Seattle, like Dallas and the Redskins, is another team in the muddled middle of the NFL. They’re not elite but they’re not horrible either. Washington should be favored based on the home field advantage with perhaps a bit more of an edge granted since Gibbs and company have had extra time to prepare and game plan for the Seahawks, who host Arizona on Sunday. They’re not a good road team and they’ll be making a long trip. The prospects are good, let’s start focusing on them. Archives

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