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Tandlers Redskins GameBlog 09.19.05–Pre Game

Sep 20, 2005, 12:31 AM EDT

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Tandler’s Redskins GameBlog 09.19.05—Pre Game

Can the Cowboys be overconfident? The quick answer is no, but I wouldn’t be so sure. I mean 14 out of 15 is some serious domination. It can’t help but creep into their minds at some level. That level is probably extremely low, but it’s there. If it does make a difference, it will be in the game’s early going. Once the things starting rolling, they’ll just play and the past won’t matter.
It will be pretty warm with no breeze in Texas Stadium at kickoff and I have to think of all of the near 100-degree days with no breeze during training camp in Ashburn this summer. Maybe that will help.
Tony K, who is clueless about just about everything these days, says on WTEM that the Redskins have no chance. He wondered how Sonny Jurgensen could predict a Redskins win. One of them will turn out right and the other wrong but if Tony K is right, it will be for all the wrong reasons.
The color of the jerseys that the teams are wearing will have absolutely no effect on the outcome of the game. I trust that most of you can see the logic in that statement.
 Although I made it on Wednesday, I’m sticking with my Redskins 17, Cowboys 16 prediction. Nothing has happened in the interim to make me think that Clinton Portis won’t best Julius Jones and provide the edge the Skins need to pull this one out. Archives

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