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GameBlog Third Quarter

Sep 20, 2005, 3:23 AM EDT

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Whichever team gets a running game going will win the game.

With his third catch, Robert Royal has two more catches than Moss and three more than Patten. Another three and out.

Dallas shows some guts in play calling and it pays off with the flea-flicker for a touchdown. The Redskins bit hard. At some point, the Cowboys might, too. We’ll see if the Redskins get a little more aggressive when trailing by 10. But right now, though, 10 points looks like an insurmountable lead for Dallas.

Field position is killing the Redskins. You might think that they gave Dallas just one first down so it was a successful defensive stand, but they were past midfield when they had to punt and they down the ball inside the 10. The way the Washington offense is playing there’s about a 1% chance they’ll score a touchdown from there.

The best play of the night for the Redskins comes purely by accident as Brunell scrambled for time and found Moss for 41 yards. An aggressive play, but not an aggressive play call. The outer limit of this offense, by design, is the first down marker. It’s three and out after that, though, and Groom might as well have punted into the end zone as Crayton made the fair catch at the 19.

Dallas isn’t that much better than the Redskins, but they’re just a little better when it counts. The Cowboy punter outdid Groom with a 58-yard punt that died inside the 10. Washington is getting the ball with a long way to go and they just can’t get it going enough offensively to put any points on the board. Archives

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