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GameBlog First Quarter

Sep 19, 2005, 9:42 PM EDT

Dallas is doing a good job of passing in running situations. The third and one conversion to the tight end was a good call. They’re trying to keep Gregg Williams guessing and they’re doing a good job so far.

Dallas’ Jones hasn’t been able to build up a head of steam. He’s taking the handoff and is being forced to stop and try to cut almost immediately. The Skins are controlling the line in the early going.

No sooner is that typed than Sean Payton calls a run in a passing situation and Jones is able to burst off the ball and get a first down. So far the physical part of the game belongs to the Redskins but Dallas is winning the strategy chess match.

The Dallas drive fizzles when ex-Redskin Jose Cortez, one of their 2002 parade of futility, is wide right on a field goal.

A good field position drive by the Redskins on their first possession, but, obviously, it could have been better. Dallas continues to win the chess match by giving Brunell nobody to throw to on second down and sacking him out of field goal range on third. At least Groom got the punt in semi-decent field position at the 14.

Redskins playing with a two-man DL on third and eight, blitzing a couple of linemen. Bledsoe seemed to panic just a bit, throwing to TE Whitten a couple of yards short of the first down. The Redskins are tackling well and did so again, dropping Whitten in his tracks short of the first. The chess game continues and the Redskins are playing it a bit better.

Wow, what a bad throw by Brunell to end the quarter, not sure who he was trying to hit. Good break for Dallas, the Redskins D needs to step up now.

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  3. lordscarlet - Sep 20, 2005 at 12:35 AM

    I haven’t read since the first quarter yet, but wow what a great end to the game. Archives

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