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GameBlog 09.19.05 Halftime

Sep 19, 2005, 10:25 PM EDT

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The Redskins’ blitz just can’t seem to get to Bledsoe. He’s doing a good job of getting rid of the ball and Dallas is doing well picking it up in its blocking schemes.

They turn the turnover into a field goal. 3-0 Dallas.

The Redskins have to keep it on the ground more. They got down into Dallas territory with a first down at the 30 and it was pass, pass, sack. Then the INT on the second drive. See if you can get something going with Portis/Betts.

I’d like to think that the Redskins are setting up some misdirection since the Cowboys are pursing hard to the ball. But Gibbs rarely does that, so I doubt we’ll see it.

First important possession of the game coming up. Dallas is up and has the momentum after a three and out by Washington. The Skins need to return the favor if they’re going to score before halftime.

Great tackle by Lamar Marshall returns the three and out favor. J. Jones has done nothing so far, and neither has C. Portis. Bledsoe has clearly outplayed Brunell and there’s your edge for Dallas.

Portis showed some power in picking up a second and four when it looked like there was nothing there. He didn’t really drive the pile back, but he just kept going and bounced off of a few potential tacklers. A holding call on the next play, however, kills the drive and the Redskins have to punt.

A bad, bad call of an incompletion on the third-down pass to Glenn. He caught the ball, the only question should have been whether or not he fumbled before his knee hit the ground. If it was a fumble, it cost the Redskins possession. If it was caught and down, the Redskins would either have had to burn a timeout or lose some 45 second off the clock. Bad call

Speaking of bad, how about the Redskins offense? No aggressiveness whatsoever. Short screens, Portis up the middle, a screen here and there. Six quarters without a touchdown. Ugh. Archives

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