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Three and Out: Williams, Jacobs, Cartwright

Jul 2, 2005, 1:09 AM EDT

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Rock Cartwright

Tandler Three and Out: Williams, Jacobs, Cartwright:

The secret of Taylor Jacobs is about to get out, plus some tough talk from the defensive chief and Rock rolls on despite challenges.

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  1. Rich Tandler - Jul 2, 2005 at 1:20 AM

    OK, folks, sorry it took me a little while to get around to this but here it is. Whenever I post a non-premium article on the, I’ll put a blurb and a link up here. I really appreciate the fact that a lot of you enjoy discussing the Redskins here and I certainly want to keep this going as an alternative. I’ll be back blogging soon and, as I said before, I can still post the full text of that here.

  2. Rich Tandler - Jul 2, 2005 at 1:29 AM

    By the way, feel free to copy and paste snippets that you want to discuss over to here, just not more than a paragraph or two.–RT Archives

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