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Conversion Failed: Skins Won't Invite Hoopster

Apr 29, 2005, 12:22 PM EDT

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In the NFL success breeds imitations and the success of San Diego tight end Antonio Gates, a college basketball player who became an NFL star at tight end is no exception. The Redskins certainly aren’t shy about hopping aboard that bandwagon, inviting Pittsburgh hoopster Chevon Troutman to their combination rookie minicamp and tryout this weekend. Troutman, 6-7, 240, last played football in high school.

And that likely will stand as his last gridiron action as it was announced that Troutman will not be invited to training camp in August.

As an NBA ‘tweener, not quick enough to be an effective small forward and not quite big enough to be a power forward, Troutman was pursuing alternate means of employment as an athlete. The Redskins looked at his size, watched tapes of him grabbing the ball in heavy traffic, envisioned a few dozen pounds of bulk added to his frame and sent him an invite to come to the tryout portion of the rookie camp.

Troutman had a bit to say after being told that his tryout was over after one day:

When they first threw everything at me, it looked like Spanish or something. I feel like I can play in the NFL. I just need a little bit of time to learn everything.

If you’re going to Spain, it’s probably a good idea to study up on a little Spanish. If you’re going to be a football player, it’s probably a good idea to learn a little NFL lingo.

At least one writer who knows Troutman well called the result of Troutman’s dalliance in the NFL earlier this week.

In a column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Ron Cook tells of a brief chat he had with Troutman during the recent NCAA basketball tournament:

It was in Boise, Idaho, last month, during a quiet moment between the time Chevon Troutman was panting over the Boise State women gymnasts and turning his attention to Pacific, Pitt’s opponent the next morning in the NCAA tournament. There was a sense this might be it for Troutman as a college basketball player. Pitt wasn’t playing well and had lost four of its previous six games. The next loss would send the players scattering. Just in case, I took the opportunity to wish Troutman well in his football career.

‘Football? I’m not going to play football,’ he said. ‘I don’t like football. I’m going to play basketball.’

It’s hard to play NFL football because you want a high-paying job. There has to be a love for the sport, a willingness to prepare endlessly for those three hours on Sunday. In short, you have to have a passion for the sport and it doesn’t appear that Troutman has that. From Cook’s column:

Troutman tried football his junior year of high school in Williamsport only after insistence from friends and coaches. By all accounts, he was a fine defensive end, raw but so athletic. But he played just that one season. Sure, he wanted to concentrate on basketball. But he also has said he got tired of getting “dirty.”

Tired of getting dirty? Doesn’t sound much like Donnie Warren or Terry Orr, does it?

  1. Anonymous - May 3, 2005 at 12:24 PM

    Rich, I find it puzzling that even you felt it necessary to comment on this. The media hype surrounding this as other non-factor transacations is so ridiculous it needs to stop. Who can blame the masses for failing to support the front office when it all doesn’t pan out? Whats next we have a press conference to tell us who the new groundskeeper is?

    We’re not the Superbowl Champion Washington Redskins any longer in my eyes and therefore shouldn’t be treated as such in the media.

    You’ve done a good job in the past of just saying nothing when there was nothing to say (unlike the Post) but I’m dissapointed you jumped on the bandwagon here to report this dribble.

  2. Anonymous - May 3, 2005 at 12:47 PM

    Hey, I’m just glad Snyder didn’t pay this non-football player 20 million dollars. At least they’re getting the most basic of personel decisions correct. Now if they could just stop giving average players huge contracts, we might just get somewhere.

  3. mbarnes202 - May 4, 2005 at 10:37 PM

    Our worst fears have been confirmed:
    We just gave Santana Moss a contract extension that GIVES MOSS MORE MONEY THAN T.O. I seem to remember discussion on this post that the ‘Skins, after just eating $9MM in charges for Coles, would not be so stupid as to over pay Moss. Oops. Wrong. We did.

    Compare Gardner to Moss:
    ’02 30 catches, 433 yds (14.4) 4TD
    ’03 74 catches,1105 yds (14.9)10TD
    ’04 45 catches, 838 yds (18.6) 5TD

    ’02 71 catches,1006 yds (14.2) 8TD
    ’03 59 catches, 600 yds (10.2) 5TD
    ’04 51 catches, 650 yds (12.7) 5TD

    Compare also Darrell Jackson’s #s:
    ’02 62 catches, 877 yds (14.1) 8TD
    ’03 68 catches,1137 yds (16.7) 9TD
    ’04 87 catches,1199 yds (13.8) 7TD

    Darrell Jackson, a FAR MORE CONSISTENT WR, signed a deal w/$8MM SB.

    Here are Moss’s new terms:
    $31MM / $26.55MM 6/5 year deal
    $11MM SB/Option Bonus !!!!

    Here’s T.O.’s numbers:
    $48.97 7 year deal
    $10.3MM SB
    $21MM of that $48.97MM is in the last three years of that deal; he’ll never see that. That then makes it a 4 year deal for about $28MM.

    So, we guarantee Moss more money than T.O. got, more money than Darrell Jackson got, more money than Lavarenaeus Coles got, and more money than Jerry Porter got.

    THis makes me sick. Here’s a prediction. Moss won’t make it 16 games this year– Roy Williams, Michael Lewis, or Brian Dawkins will injure him (he’ll drop the pass to boot), and he’ll play 10 games. More wasted money.

    Maybe, maybe it will all work out. We have made huge, huge gambles– unless they pan out (Brunnel, Portis, Moss, QB Campbell, etc.) the critics will be proven right– that our Front Office is a total joke and the laughing stock of the NFL.

  4. 79Skin - May 5, 2005 at 1:40 PM

    I could not agree more about the Moss deal. This guy Rosenhaus is really getting on my nerves. It seems that more and more of his clients are holding out for more money. We get Portis, give him a bigger contract. We get Moss, give him a bigger contract. Now there is Taylor sitting down in Miami waiting for the very same thing. I dont know who to get upset at anymore, the agent, the player, or the front office for signing these guys.

    So essentially Moss got a 5 year $27M deal. And in addition to that is the $9M we are eating for releasing Coles, who was under contract to play and in my opinion just a good a receiver as Moss. Why is it that the Front Office gives Moss this kind of money (and losing the Coles money) but lets Core Redskins like Pierce go, who incidentally signed a lesser deal with the Giants (6yrs-$26M). I sure hope Moss does well this year. Archives

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