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Draft Chart Value

Apr 21, 2005, 5:49 PM EDT

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Thanks to a few alert readers, I must stand corrected on one point I made in the last edition of this blog. I stated that the trade with Denver doesn’t equal out on any draft value chart you can find. That was incorrect.

On the standard draft value chart, which assigns points based on the position of a draft pick and that a lot of NFL teams use as a quick way to calculate the worth of a deal while they’re on the clock during the draft, picks in future years are discounted. The point value of the first-rounder the Skins gave up for next year is considerably less than the value of the first-rounder they got from Denver. According to no less an authority than Vinny Cerrato, the Redskins gave up picks worth 715 points to get a pick worth 750.

We’ll have to wait a few years until after we’ve seen the players picked with the draft selections involved in the deal perform to truly judge this trade. And, of course, in the eyes of many in the local and national media the Redskins can do no right. But based on the only objective standard available right now, it appears that the Redskins didn’t severely over pay for Denver’s pick.

  1. hoagie - Apr 21, 2005 at 8:37 PM

    Wouldn’t it be smart to trade each year the following year’s first round pick for a pick in the current year? that way you never lose first rounders. it sounds good in theory, if you have a trading partner. Archives

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