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Coles Update: Team Trying to Deal Him

Feb 21, 2005, 6:09 PM EDT

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The Redskins may be backing off of their deal to release Laveranues Coles in exchange for his returning part of his signing bonus, according to a wire service story that appeared on

The Redskins, however, will have to pick their poison. They will either recoup some bonus and some salary cap space or they will get a player and/or picks for Coles and take the net $6 million cap hit.

‘They can’t have it both ways,’ said one source. ‘If he’s going to repay part of [his signing bonus], it’s because he can be a free agent, and choose where he continues his career, not to have them trade him. Honestly, it’s a mess right now.

Shopping Coles would seem to be the prudent thing for the team to do. That way, they can weigh the cost of the salary cap hit against what they would receive in the way of compensation. In addition, they could keep Coles from going to a division rival.

It’s highly unlikely that a trade will be made, but it makes sense for them to try. Archives

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