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Blache On The Move?

Dec 26, 2004, 2:33 PM EDT

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There has been a lot of chatter about the possibility of Gregg Williams leaving for another head coaching job after guiding the Redskins to the #1 defensive ranking in the NFC. Williams has said that he’s going nowhere. Another valuable member of the defensive coaching staff, Greg Blache, might be a candidate to take a head coaching job himself. Blache has the title of defensive coordinator (Williams is the Assistant Head Coach–Defense) and his prime area of focus is the defensive line. After he nearly was hired in San Francisco two years ago, he could get some looks for the half dozen or so head coaching vacancies that will occur around the league.

According to an article in Friday’s Post, it would take quite a bit for Blache to leave:

Blache said this week he is pleased with his situation in Washington and would only leave for an enticing head coaching job.

‘All young guys would like to marry a supermodel,’ said Blache, a defensive line coach for 11 seasons, six with the Green Bay Packers, then five with the Indianapolis Colts before joining Chicago. ‘Half of ’em would drive you crazy and drive you to drink. As you get older, you learn to realize what you’re supposed to like and what’s best for you is not always equal.’ Archives

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