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You heard it here first

Dec 21, 2004, 6:45 AM EDT

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If you read Tuesday’s papers, you will be told something that you already know. In the Post you’ll “discover” that In Weak NFC, 5-9 Redskins Still Have Shot at Playoffs

Despite their 5-9 record the Washington Redskins remain alive for a playoff berth, although they will need help from the rest of the NFC to get in. Any postseason chance hinges on Washington winning its final two games — at Dallas and at home against Minnesota.

Hmmm, where have we heard this before, as long ago as Sunday morning? Let me think. . .oh, yeah, it was right here! Joseph White of the AP has written a similar article to the one in the Post and others will follow. While not in any detail, the scenario was mentioned on PTI on Tuesday evening. None of this happened until I forwarded the playoff-related blog entries from here to a few of the beat writers. Maybe they would have come up with it on their own eventually, but when?

So, I hope you discussed your new-found knowledge from here at the water cooler at the office on Monday because by Tuesday those playoff scenarios will be known by the masses. This blog is becoming a must-read for many Redskins fans and this is one of the reasons why. Archives

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