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Pierce will be a hot commodity

Dec 20, 2004, 6:33 PM EDT

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In his Morning After Week 15 piece on, Len Pasquarelli quotes an NFL scout as saying:

‘There are a lot of mid-level players who have helped themselves in the free agent market for next spring and one of them is (Washington) linebacker Antonio Pierce. Yeah, I know, teams aren’t going to pay big money for a middle ‘backer, and a guy who was just a special teams player before this year. But, you watch, Pierce will get a decent deal from somebody who wants a guy who is pretty active and who has demonstrated he’s more than just a run-stuffer.’

It’s hard to disagree. The Skins need to lock him up before the end of the season and perhaps jettison Michael Barrow. Reports are that a deal between the club and Pierce is getting close. This would be a good sign of stability from a team that has simply undergone too much change in recent seasons to be successful. Archives

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